1st International Scientific Conference „Agricultural Challenges to Climate Change“, which will be held in Osijek (Croatia) in the period

19 – 22 September 2023.

Climate change has many faces. Earth is home not only for humans, but for animals and plants. Today we are all faced with global threats caused only and exclusively by the people. Humankind, more than ever, impact our planet, on every possible way – positive and negative manner. This threat we all know as climate change (CC). As the fundamental human activity, in production basic human needs and goods, agriculture is the extremely vulnerable on negative influence of CC. Vulnerability of agricultural production not refers only to basic crop/food/feed production, it is wider spread influence on every leaned sector and activity, such as social, economic, political, human health etc.

Increases in resource consumption, human population growth and application of unsustainable production practices, are the factors which causing unprecedented levels of human-induced environmental/land/soil degradation.

Today, more than ever, global community has the obligation to contribute at each level, local, regional and global, in providing any of mitigation and adaptation measures to stay on track to be more resilient and better able to adapt to the negative effects of CC.

Agriculture and climate change are in causally consequential relation. Positive turning point lies in full acceptance and application of (and not only) sustainable land management and sustainable plant/crop production, respecting every region specificum.